Thursday, February 21, 2008

my roots.

these two paintings has nothing to do with my current work. I just wanted to see if i can still do traditional and graffiti art.
one of my old graffiti buddy is serving time in prison:( I thought it would cheer him up a little if i did his name......... I'm not sure if he'll get the work tho............ the guards might think it's a map to escape or something. or maybe i've been watching too much prisonbreak. the other is a portrait of moms. thought it might make a good birthday present. stopped working on it cause i know she'll HATE it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

taiwan love!!!

about 3 months ago, I was featured in one of taiwan's xfuns art mag. Dpi magazine then contacted me and did a 4 page interview with me. since then taiwan has been showing major love to me. Just wanted to thank taiwan for all the support!

Monday, February 04, 2008

more bs.

about 2 years ago i gave all my acrylic paint to my friend. i swore that i would never use that medium again. in order for me to get the look i was going for i had to go acrylic. when i use acrylic my painting turns more form. graphic look i use gouache, realistic look i use oils, in between look i use acrylic. im weird that way.
here's a piece that i recently finished for a show coming up.
not quite sure if im going to show it tho......................

if there are any art center students reading this, i'll be talking tomorrow in room 100 in jim salvati's class from 2-7.
i might do a demo, if i find the courage to do so.