Thursday, October 21, 2010

back home!!!!

brazil was amazing. a special thanks goes out to joao raus, david kim, joao lavieri, anderson augusto, gregorio marangoni, hilnando mendes, and hinata for making my trip so memorable.

joao raus mom made us some delicious food on our last day.
joao family is awesome. so kind and warm hearted.

fables work is insane!
i cant believe i went to see the falls again.........

lucky to know these amazing artist.

close up of a recent commission i just finished.

i would have loved to paint some cityscapes but there were just too many people in the city. i ended up with mostly nature settings.

sao and davi are great. supplying me paint and walls. great all around guys!!!

illustrator and designer conference.

thats it for now. will show new works soon.

thanks for reading.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


hey guys,

still in brazil. its pretty dam amazing over here. cant wait to show you guys some pics. in the mean time i have my website up and running now.
also, i wont be around for this show but it is quite and honor for me to show along side murakami, miyasaki, nara, along with many talented at the portsmouth museum of art on october 13th.