Tuesday, October 13, 2009


sarasota was amazing!
special thanks tom casmer, valerie strenk, kelly tudor, and all of ringling for making my trip so awesome.
thank you alllllll for your hospitality. I appreciate it greatly!!!!!

during my painting, i was praying the whole time that i would come out semi decent. my nerves got the best of me and won. im pretty sure everyone there could tell how nervous i was. this is my third lecture and demo and im still not use to being up on the stage. needless to say the painting was a flop:(

the model (sarah) is so awesome to work with!!!!!!!

one of the hardest thing for me was judging the ill of ill art show. there was soooo much great work and i only could accept 70. i had a hard time deciding the show and even a harder time deciding who deserved to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
after a few hours i ended up picking some great stuff to be in the show. i wished i could've included more.

i picked the white border as 3rd place.

nice people.

extremely nice fellas. justin and chris.
i picked this as 1st place.
charles got some serious skills.

charles, keyla, kelly, adam.
love these 2 pieces.
i picked this for 2nd.
awesome artist and graffiti artist, peter.

so that's my trip in a nutshell. Im sorry i couldn't hang out with everyone who contacted me. there was just too much things to see and too much dinners to attend to.
again, thanks ringling!

lastly please go out and rock the vote for my good friend michael alverez.

Monday, October 05, 2009

those evil natured robots.

this was one of my projects i did while in school. im so glad i found this while organizing. everyone and their momma got a robot. i just wanted to document random people doing there robot. the beginning starts of with a professional, my old roommate daniel ahn. then towards the end you have ordinary joe's doing mr roboto. i have a quick cameo along with jon han, ronald kurinwan, and david jien.
also get your ol dirty bastard t-shirt from the very talented david jien.


lastley, ill be flying out to florida tomorrow for a lecture and a demo at ringling college of art and design. if you are around sarasota you should swing by the school.