Thursday, July 30, 2009


i cannot believe that i've been running this blog for 3 years now. I just want to thank everyone for their constant support and for following my blog these past 3 years. I really appreciate all the comments and love you've given me and as a way to show my appreciation i will be showing you guys love. I will be giving away  small original drawings to the 9th person who comments on this post. here are the rules. you are not allowed to comment more than once and i will not count anons.

email me your addy if you are 9th.

the winner will get this along with some other goodies. there all very small so dont expect much:)

here's another close up of what ive been working on

and here's something me and the guys did at the west coast meeting of styles. lysol, big wang, and merso on the letters and me on the carewata.

Monday, July 06, 2009

spray it, don't say it.

i painted this mural 4th of july weekend.
i did the big face mainly with house paint. i notice when you do a mural with house paint, cops drive by waving hi and giving the thumbs up. but the moment you highlight the painting with spraypaint then you become a suspect. kinda crazy.  i repainted this wall again because the colors were looking really dull.  that's what 3 years in the sun will do to you.  gonna coat this new one with u.v protection! might take a while to finish the whole wall, but here's a small portion of it.

this is the longest wall i've ever done.  i really don't know how artist in the u.k have enough energy to do 10+ stories mural.