Thursday, December 18, 2008

leaving like sunday morning.

this is going to be my last post before i leave to asia, so i'll try to make it a long one. im coming back early february and ill update with tons of pics. Just finished my last painting for this year. in la at jefferson and 11th street.

There are tons of things that im going to be missing out on. One of it is the dream to reality fun raiser. The show is to help out a fellow dreams to reality member. Alvaro Sanz is going threw hard times in spain so we wanted to help him out in his times of need. The show is going to be january 17th at nucleus gallery. I want to thank nucleus for giving us the space and everyone who kindly donating a piece for the show. It's not easy to email people in this economy and ask them to donate a piece to someone they don't know. So we owe you guys one. here's a little history on us.

this pic was back when parts of bergamont station was being built. parts of bergamont was a graffiti yard.

me, twisto, and the legendary yepso in sf back in 99

and here's the one man who we are trying raise money for.

I don't have many pics in my archive, but that's a little history on dreams 2 reality.

when i land back in la, im flying straight up to seattle to my show at roq la rue feb 13th.

so merry christmas everyone and have a happy new year!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

simmer down now.

i was told to simmer down on my stylization and my colors. This illustration is geared towards children, so i tried to follow the directors guide lines and make things normal. this was heavily art directed so when it was over i painted over everything because it looked too pretty. i felt like it needed to be more raw to work. still trying to make it more grimy, but this is how it looks now.
oh and here's the sketch i wished they picked.