Wednesday, September 24, 2008

illustrative 08

i'll be participating in this year illustrative 08. a show where illustrators get shown love. i thought it was going to be in berlin again, but this year it will be in switzerland.
here's a little about what illustrative is all about. so check it out next month if you are in switzerland.

also, it's kind of a long shot, but if any one knows a place to paint in thailand, cambodia, or korea then i would love to know. legal spots please, not trying to get caught while over there. hit me up if you know.

Monday, September 08, 2008


i had a hard time with this illustration. im not use to doing random mark makings and chaotic scenes. I had to do the effects with photoshop because i was too scared to mess up the painting. even though i knew it was done with gouache and i could erase it easily, i was still scared. here are two of the drawings that didn't get approved. working with new scientist magazine.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

the hive!!!!!!

my friend mike alaverez is having a group show there. his work is superb!!!! the kids better buy his rookie card now, cause after this shit the price ain't coming down! here's a sneak peak for this saturday. he shares a studio with ekundayo and dayo's work for his upcoming show at thinkspace is awesome-o!!!!!!! i can't show sneak peaks for that.

also very last minute, but i was invited to participate in slideshow part 3. the first one was at robert berman in bergamont. the second was at merry karnowski gallery. part 3 will be in wal art gallery. part 1 and 2 was amazing!