Thursday, January 24, 2008


3 legged legs contacted me saying they want to bring my characters to life. I really cant wait to see what they come up with.
they're trying to make my characters into puppets. Been drawing up sooooooooo many the time i get home my hands start to ache and my creativity runs low. makes me think if i should freelance in something non art related and save up my hands for studio time.
check out some of 3ll works.......such a creative bunch.

here's a few of the characters i design......really just brainstorming at this point.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


okay, so i get inspired very easily. when i was a teen i saw electric boogaloo and beat street. the next week i was breakdancing on cardboards. that lasted about 4 years. now after seeing ratatouille, i find myself cooking a lot. the only thing i ever cooked before was eggs, rice, and instant ramen. it's very relaxing for me, but im not use to putting so much time into something that last only a couple of minutes.

here are a couple of commissions i just finished up.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

happy new year!

o.k my new year resolution is to be more earth friendly:) so it's about time for me to sell my car!!!!!! global warming plus constant harassment from the police = time to me if anyone is interested. 99 civic si sitting on 16" bronze volk te-37. many, many more inside!!!!

this is my new form of electrical scooter!!!!!!

funny story- anyone remember the scene in "something about mary" when matt dillon met a real architecture. the same thing happen to me while ridding my moped. i saw an old friend and join her for a quick bite. her best friend brought a friend she's been talking to for a couple of weeks. they asked me what i did and i said "im an artist". my friend said ohhhhhhh matt's an artist too. "show him your work matt", the dude was scared shitless when she said that. i saw the was print outs of james jean work, phil hale, jon foster, etc !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted soooo bad to say "you must of studied under tom green" a line from something about mary. but i knew it would have been very ackward after.........made me a bit mad, but hey im not going to ____ block.

first painting for the new year...