Tuesday, April 21, 2009

so i've always been a huge fan of publikat and stylefile. really honored to find out that they were releasing a book on illustration and asked me to be a part of it. there is some really amazing stuff on this book.  they ask 20 artist from around the world there definition of illustration  and art.  

kenichi hosine
os gemeos 
tomer hanuka

daniel schussler.  

lastly this is a sketch i did while working with 3ll last year. im going to submit to the brother sink. my friend jason alexander is starting up something really cool. everyone should submit
also, i just found out i got 5 pieces in the next communication arts:)  

Sunday, April 05, 2009

moleskin 2

here are some more sketches from my moleskin.

her name is erin. the purple hair makes her look like paramore. 2 sittings.

her name is daniella. i wasn't planning on painting so i didn't bring my paint set. but when i saw the model i wanted to run to the art store and buy some paint. such a great model to work with. again 2 sittings.

quick head study.

here's my contribution to the hi fructose show at copro.