Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Holidays

i hope everyone had a great christmas. it's kinda been a hem tradition to feed the homeless on christmas. in the past we just buy a box of donut and walk the streets. weird but many homeless refuse to eat donut. many just reply "that stuff will kill ya." this christmas my sister and i made sandwiches. we made 4 dozen and the response was great. only 4 people refused. one guy said "MAN, SUBWAY MAKES BETTER SANDWICH THAN THAT, you must be using rat meat." i dont know these look good to me

i never really thought of my drawings as finals. no matter how much i try it always looks like comps to me. but recently i just been combining all my comps in hopes to create a final piece.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I recently been thinking about landscape painting. its been 3 months since i graduated and every night ive been sleeping at 6 am doing paintings. i wake up around 2 pm which leaves me a few hours to do something before the sun goes down. today for the first time i woke up at 11 am. first thing that came on my mind was landscape painting. jump on my bike headed to a spot. 20 minutes in and i couldn't feel my hand and face. it was sooooooooo cold today, i couldn't finish. sucks it had to be so cold on the day i woke up early! here's some of my more recent landscape. i'll finish the painting i started tomorrow.

here's a jacket that my friend made me. i really love this jacket, i wear it all the time but im afriad to wash it. im scared that the paint will just come off it i do so. it smell like hell, but i dont care. i also have a shirt that im scared to wash. that one really stinks like hell. the smell has gotten so bad i think i have to just frame it. original gear are meant for rocking not hanging. my sister disagree once she gets close to me.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

i found my fortress of solitude. it takes me a while to get there on my bike, but it's worth it. i go there almost every other day to draw and relax. but anyways i picked up my sketchbook and started to draw on it once again. here are some old stuff in the book. i will post some new ones soon.