Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Holidays

i hope everyone had a great christmas. it's kinda been a hem tradition to feed the homeless on christmas. in the past we just buy a box of donut and walk the streets. weird but many homeless refuse to eat donut. many just reply "that stuff will kill ya." this christmas my sister and i made sandwiches. we made 4 dozen and the response was great. only 4 people refused. one guy said "MAN, SUBWAY MAKES BETTER SANDWICH THAN THAT, you must be using rat meat." i dont know these look good to me

i never really thought of my drawings as finals. no matter how much i try it always looks like comps to me. but recently i just been combining all my comps in hopes to create a final piece.


tist one said...

ssup drewski dezign
LAAA is accepting new members,,,
in Jan. 2007

i am applying,,,namseng..

for those interested..

DeepSix said...

I found your work in the Society Scholarship booklet. Great work, man! In my opinion, your work stands out the most. I love the stylization of the figures. I'm still learning anatomy, so I'm not comfortable "breaking the rules" of anatomy. Keep doing what you do. I'll be checking back soon.