Thursday, January 24, 2008


3 legged legs contacted me saying they want to bring my characters to life. I really cant wait to see what they come up with.
they're trying to make my characters into puppets. Been drawing up sooooooooo many the time i get home my hands start to ache and my creativity runs low. makes me think if i should freelance in something non art related and save up my hands for studio time.
check out some of 3ll works.......such a creative bunch.

here's a few of the characters i design......really just brainstorming at this point.


Julienne Hsu said...

o, thats so kewl, the video is jeff soto's too, congrats! are they going to air your animation? or only online?
i'm so excited for u too :)

Herman G. said...

Thats great, Thanks for the inspring graphics Andrew. Havent pick up a paint brush or a can for a year now. I put it on pause, Animation is is pretty much acting, I have a utube page on my animation progression. Got lucky Iam taking classes under an animator from Dreamworks, Chris Kirshbaum. By the end of this year May be we can colaborate

I can do all that 3d stuff mostly at the pad, The Haunted House Toon is all my creation and set up..
This is a cool blog nice and active. Keep on rockin

J. Fiorino said...

Andrew, your work is truly unique! I hear your going to be in the next issue of Swallow! Is this true? I frequent your blog often! Keep up the amazing work!