Monday, October 05, 2009

those evil natured robots.

this was one of my projects i did while in school. im so glad i found this while organizing. everyone and their momma got a robot. i just wanted to document random people doing there robot. the beginning starts of with a professional, my old roommate daniel ahn. then towards the end you have ordinary joe's doing mr roboto. i have a quick cameo along with jon han, ronald kurinwan, and david jien.
also get your ol dirty bastard t-shirt from the very talented david jien.


lastley, ill be flying out to florida tomorrow for a lecture and a demo at ringling college of art and design. if you are around sarasota you should swing by the school.


Oliver Dominguez said...

That was some sick moves man, awesome!

Jordie Bellaire said...

Yes! Very excited, this weekend will be raaaaadical.

Nikolas Guardia said...

Ringling is really looking forward to having you.

michelle housel said...

Also very excited to have you here! Can't wait for the demo. : ]

I sent you an e-mail earlier today to that, hopefully you'll get a chance to check it before tomorrow.

Tarrah Belcher said...

Thank you so much for coming to Ringling! I enjoyed your demo and presentation. It was a very inspirational day.

Victorytea said...

hey andrew! the show goes down friday night/early halloween morning, so it might be tough for you to make it... can you make it friday night? I'm in the process of posting pics, so I'll do my best to show how it all looks in pictures... Keep up the great work!