Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I spent 7 hours yesterday making canvases and frames. i was planning to bust a all nighter painting in my room, but when i got back to culver city i noticed that the whole town had a black out! I used my cellphone as a flashlight to find some of my matchboxes. too bad i didn't find any candles. but i did happen to find my flashlight pen. this pen i AMAZING you can see the whole paper your drawing on. I spent 3 hours drawing in the dark.


Anonymous said...

oh man that has to be harsh on ur eyes mannn

k biz said...

holy shit! that is so cool. thats a fun exercise without the power outage. the second picture makes it look fun to draw in the dark

rosin said...

Thats when u know ur a true artist. Ur so dedicated...must of gotten it from me. Luv u