Friday, August 17, 2007

white snow

i started this painting about a month ago.....i gave up abou 40 minutes in, when i realize that the comp looked better than the painting. the drawing is the post below.......getting ready to toss this painting aside, i tried spraypainting the hair in an attempt to save it. one of my most simplist painting yet, but i think it works. the other painting is a digi, just trying to learn more about cs2.


verdadverde said...

beautiful, mon! there's a great stillness in your work... it's down to the essentials, private, calm . always a pleasure to see

Silent Bee said...

Just wondering..

Do you sketch your paintings out first..or you just go for it?


William Fenholt said...

They're both awesome. I can't believe you can translate your work so well into photoshop. For some reason........i can't do that.

Ramses said...

you have a unique style!