Thursday, November 01, 2007

down a member

for the past 11 days i've been hanging out with my good friend alvaro sanz. we've been friends since i was 14 years old. the ins is on his tale so he had no choice but to leave us soil and head to spain. indeed a sad day for us. this was takin a couple of hours before his flight.

so after almost 2 weeks of basically doing nothing but hanging out, im behind some deadlines, and so driven to paint. here's something I just started. this is a quick sketch for the painting's background.


Herman said...

Sorry to hear that the D mans takin off. Have to finish this year off on
animation, been busy also. Your work
looks Fantastic. Rock on C

sho katayama said...

oh, yeah. i do understand such sadness, Andrew. the painting looks good though.

big wang said...

we'll see you soon homie!

William Fenholt said...

Damn. I really like this new direction in your work. The atmosphere of the background adds a lot.

Jon Han said...

Really sucks to hear about your friend having to leave.. At least gives you an extra excuse to go and visit Spain?

Awesome start on the painting Andrew!

dave said...

who woulda knew, D2r was gonna go international.

Claudio Sinatti said...

love your work!