Saturday, June 07, 2008


i've heard that working in an office would make you go crazy, but dammmmm!


Josh said...

wtf this has to be fake........and that one dude was filming it with his phone haha.

Herman said...

Hey! what a way to start a monday, that guy has assualt charges smashing the laptop on top of that guys head that probably felt the best and damages to pay for in jail for the loco scene.
Thats what I'd like to to do
at my office job too( politics,jerks, B's). technology nowadays is the greatest to get this footage..

Cant wait for my art job to start..
-Those pieces look sweet keep em' comin..

Saskia said...

sometimes you have to get "out of your system" XDDD

fawnfruits said...

too bad it took them like 5 hours to pin him down, I wouldve thrown my monitor at him