Saturday, October 04, 2008


so the news been saying that everyone has been investing in gold lately. they say that money will go down, but gold will never go down. so here it is investors. sketch with gold paint! get it while it's hot!
i can't believe i wasted 15 minutes for that joke:)
but seriously, artwork is the best investment. forget gold!!!!! here's my recent investment. im starting to have more artwork from others than my own work.
jim salvati
the very awesome ekundayo
and someone who doesn't need any introduction.

the infamous david jien
here are some brainstorming sketches and close ups for my solo next year.


Nick Iluzada said...

i wanted that piece by david

jacklyn laryea said...

the pieces you own rock, esp the ekundayo. i would die to have anything by him. art is always better than gold.

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