Friday, January 22, 2010


here's an illustration about oxygen and life. how did earth develop the conditions to support life. very interesting article. working with art director craig mackie on this one. the O2 is gouache on yupo with digital for the background.

im practicing my pixacao font for my trip to brazil. hopefully i can understand more about this unique font by seeing it in person. right now it all looks like it done by the same person. but im pretty sure they would say the same thing if they see la tags.


caleb morris said...

you killed on the 02 illustration..i'm hoping you can do a print of the blue guy on the bike from the last show, so bummed I couldn't afford it.

ColeAndJosephine said...

The volcano really takes it up a notch.

commandax said...

Would love to be a fly on the wall when you run into the pichação guys! Your trip sounds like soooo much fun.

Nick Iluzada said...

o man, is there any way I can get a print of that o2 piece?

Alejandro Gonzalez said...

Really like the concept

Patrick Hruby said...

Looks awesome!

Brun Croes said...

Truly inspiring work man !

Captain Blueberry said...

your work is always fantastic, but O2 just blew me out of my chair :P
awesome picture!

Owen said...

Amazing work on the 02 textures and background, totally makes me want to breathe more O2 right now.

AG Ford said...

The touch of red on the building in the back ground really help your "break the key" color scheme. The red is focal, but not too distracting, and has continuity, nice touch!


sophan said...

thanks guys!

eleanor said...

your work is so inspiring! It has made my day stumbling across your blog.Your super talented :)

Anonymous said...

O2 is killer, andrew.

Orlando Sanchez said...

I like that killer piece from your show! Really incredible color going on.

Mr Catch said...


Ekundayo said...

next level homie!! always stoked to see your new work!

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