Thursday, May 20, 2010


joao ruas did this cool drawing on my moleskin and i think it looks great next to my reinier gamboa drawing. both can draw like nobodies business.
some studies im working on. will show the new paintings soon.

also, i just got some prints done from a piece used in my last solo show. i've been getting tons of positive feedback about this piece, i decided to make a limited edition. check out my store if interested.

lastly, this video is insane!!!!!!!!!! bboy pocket is only 13 years old!!!!! it's settled then im moving to korea. its something in the air or kimchee over there.


Saskia said...

Gah, I´m envious `_´ !!
And your color sense kills me every time, its just so beautiful !!

Alessandro Echevarria said...

ooh emmme gee, rei's work is so crazy, I love looking through his sketchbooks! His pencil lines are out of this world.

gonzales said...

He's got great power moves but too young to have any real uprock style. haha.

Big Fan of your work. Stop by some time.

Brun Croes said...

sick update man, very jealous at that moleskine with those sketches of Joao and reinier!

Great work of your own too man, really ace.

+ that kid has some sick skills!

Julissa said...

beautiful painting and sketches :)

Lamar Mathurin said...


Chucrut said...

GUAU!!!, I really love your art much more each day and day and day.

I love looking his sketchbooks too!, Andrew you should thinking to publish your sketchbooks like James Jean "Process Recess" books, I love that drawing books, I think they are very educational for new artists and I promise buy your book :).

If you dont sells you can scan any sketches and publish in your blog.

Thanks to compart your art.

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