Tuesday, August 10, 2010

party time, jonathan levine.

thanks to everyone who made my trip to ny so amazing!

restitution press going all city.

jonas, toyin
ryan graeff and jonas lara.
allison sommers and tran nguyen
its amazing when you blog saying you are going to ny then hours later you receive emails inviting you to paint walls across town. if only that can happen in my home town.


Nimit Malavia said...

New work is crazy man! Congrats on the show!

Wilfred said...

Your paintings are beautiful.

Patrick Hruby said...

Hey drew, how long is your show up. I am going to be in NY later this month and i'd love to check it out.

joe said...

your new pieces are killin' it! Wish I could've seen it in person.

If you're back in LA by friday Last 4 One is doing a free show in downtown LA. I know you dig the korean b-boys.


yigi chang said...

you inspire me

verdadverde said...

damn the new work looks tight as fuck!!

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Salut Barbara!
à la FNAC pour "Yaxin the Faun Gabriel " - Canto I" ils disent que la livraison du livre à lieu à partir du 24 Aout ... ???... mais si ça sort en septembre c'est étrange...
Mais en tout cas je l'ai commandé, ce livre a l'air magnifique.

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