Wednesday, November 03, 2010

new commish.

just finished two commissions pieces.
one is for the very talented bags . an interpretation of his characters in my style.
the next one is for the multi talented toyin. very art directed....... but im glad, because it always leads up to something interesting.

this saturday i will be participating in thinkspace 5 year anniversary. stop by and say hi if you guys are free.



Sam Wolfe Connelly said...

wow, both of these are beautiful!

Sarah Alfarhan said...

Great pieces Andrew, love your use of color!
Sarah A.

Compass-Collective said...

They are both wonderful Andrew! Wish I could stop by Thinkspace and say Hi. Cant wait to see more about the show online.


Roxy M said...

I love the one with the Robot, just because you and robots = awesoooome! It's been proven!

Claudio Cerri said...

They are both wonderful. Great paintings!

sarah 'sae' soh said...

i just stared at my computer screen because of the awesomeness that you've created.

true story

S / said...

love em, hem! @ the top one: how do you perfect rocky cliffs like you do?


Jael Segura said...

Absolutely lovely pieces~

Thuraya Lynn said...

These are spectacular!