Sunday, July 13, 2008

come original or don't come at all!

i've been pasting giant matchboxes head around la. very fun. i thought about printing giant matchboxes, but painting original and pasting them is much more funnier. here's a 30 minute head painting on bond paper.

also, i got home yesterday to finding a email sending me a link to concept art.
the guy is thanking me for giving him the idea........i never gave him the idea???????
you bit it more like. least he thanked me


mexiken said...

ha! funny shit!i can't wait to see some of these on the streets...

Bags said...

wow, thats a pretty hard bite on the steez

Anonymous said...

what tha fuuuuuuucccccc
maddd bit you holmes..

texahol said...

argh i suck :<

I just did some for fun after seeing your stuff.

I think your work is great, and I'm really sorry for ripping on your ideas, the matchboxes looked like loads of fun (er ...and they were)

Though, now that I know you feel I'm just an unoriginal piece of trash...I think the fun is gone for me.

...ahhh fuck.

sophan said...

at first i was pretty upset....... because you are not the first. ad companies call me and tell me that they are doing something of that sort and ask me not to sue them. matchboxes on there websites and blogs. it just kinda added up for me. I'm pretty chill now. when i was in high school i use to do mastercopies of famous graffiti artist. do what you will, all i ask is that you don't sell it out of respect.
no hard feelings,

Rich Pellegrino said...

that's fucked up how companies are biting. hopefully you get yours out of it. fan art though isn't all that bad. what do they say imitation is the best form of flattery? i definitely see where your coming from though.

Anonymous said...

omfg what a small world. soooo hilarious this is.

i idle in conceptart's irc channel with texahol and we're like, internet friends!

andrew he probably found you in the first place because I probably linked your site whenever a discussion of 'good art' and 'artcenter' or 'illustration' or whatever came up. so in the end i guess everyone can blame me!

really though, at this point with all the zillions of matchboxes i've seen, i think it's really less a personal style and more like a medium like oil paints, or even oil paints on found objects such as cars and chairs and even... yes, matchboxes.

in fact if some big-wig starts painting matchboxes and he's asked where he got the idea and he's not a douchebag he'd point it back to you for some good karma and fame and recognition across the globe.

and now that both my friends texahol and andrew are introduced to each other they can commence a long and fruitful and inspiring friendship.

and for this, i take full credit.


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